Diana Tsuruda

Body Movement Educator

If you want to change your performance, you have to change your instrument.


About Diana

I know what it feels like to want to be strong and flexible or to desire to dance and express yourself, but not feel like you have enough skills or technique to do this with confidence.  


I was always attracted to dance, gymnastics, movement, and stretching, as a child. However, I did not have access to train anywhere formally.  Thus, as an adult, I embarked on a journey to change my body, and train myself to become more aligned.  My goal was to technically be able to do yoga and dance at an advanced level.  


It wasn’t an easy journey, but I was motivated by the feeling of progress.  I had so many teachers that gave me different pieces of information that influenced me greatly.


This is one reason why I am so passionate about helping everyone release their inner dancer, or inner yogi, so they can feel empowered to be dynamic and free in their bodies.  



Choose Your Type of Body Movement

 If you are looking for sessions that provide every student with individual attention, you want to learn and have fun while learning from someone who has fun teaching, and you like     detailed instruction that brings in the scientific aspect of how the body moves, Diana's classes are for you!













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Success Stories

"What I found really valuable about working with Diana was that she was able to explain everything in a way that made sense to me."

Jo - male - Age 31 - body alignment student

"I fractured my T12 vertebra however months after the bone had healed and doctors had told me I was fine, I was still in pain. A friend told me that maybe Diana could help me; she'd already worked wonders with his own back pain. We did around 10 private sessions although the relief was immediate after the first few."

Tom - male - Age 26 - yoga & alignment student

"Diana's choreography makes you feel as if you are one with every single note of the music. You can feel it whether you are watching or dancing. I have always felt that Diana is connected to the earth, the universe, and the divine, and that her dance choreography naturally descends or comes out of her."

Naoko - female - professional Disney dancer


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