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Lovely words from some of Diana's amazing students.

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I’ve been taking private yoga lessons with Diana for a year now. After yoga, I feel so much better. I feel lighter, more optimistic, I feel healthier. Optimistic as in I’m looking forward to the rest of the day. What I like most about her as a teacher is how much she’s willing to learn herself, and because she keeps growing as a student of yoga, her teaching becomes better, and I find my lessons with her becoming more and more rewarding with each session. Furthermore, she listens closely and adjusts the lessons to best strengthen me without pushing me too far past my limits. I feel completely comfortable and at ease with her, and I’d recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.

— Cyrus, 42


What stands out to me is Diana’s  patience with people of all ages and levels of ability. She also tries to help people individually during her classes. I think those are good traits of a teacher. I especially like the way she is able to connect with her students because she teaches adults and children.  She was teaching a 7 year old girl and her mother in the class I attended. I like her kind words of encouragement. I can tell that she is not into teaching for the money. She actually cares about the students and their progress.

— Aaron, 35

Her ability to precisely target any part of the body which is in need of care at each session has been a godsend...


Regular practice of Yoga has been a truly eye-opening experience. It allows for both a deeper connection with your body and a calm that carries through the day. It has been my great fortune to be able to take this journey with Diana.


She offers a full range of instruction and her knowledge of the body with its many ins and outs is unparalleled. Based on her many years of practice and enhanced by her knowledge of dance she provides a remarkable variety of movements that is sure to suit any level and ambition. Her ability to precisely target any part of the body which is in need of care at each session has been a godsend. Her sparkling personality and patient instruction make even the most strenuous of sessions a real joy. I cannot recommend her highly enough for all comers, at any level!


Her sparkling personality and patient instruction make even the most strenuous of sessions a real joy...


I've been taking dance lessons with Diana for the longest time in my life. She is very cheerful, friendly, and knows a lot about the body. She will tell you where to move your body if you have any stiffness, and the first half of the class is all about stretching, which will help you relax and feel refreshed. The second half of the class is choreography, and the teacher's choreography is a combination of Latin movement and Afro dance, and it's cool and sexy, and it can be feminine or different depending on the song. I recommend it to anyone who wants to have fun dancing and moving their body!


She is also very attractive as a person, and has always been my dream person since the first lesson I took, I admired always wanted to be like her. Whenever I am feeling down, I take a lesson with Diana and she gives me the power to get better!

— A


I fractured my T12 vertebra however months after the bone had healed and doctors had told me I was fine, I was still in pain. A friend told me that maybe Diana could help me; she'd already worked wonders with his own back pain. We did around 10 private sessions although the relief was immediate after the first few.


Through yoga and targeted spinal work, Diana helped me to pinpoint exactly where the pain was originating and I learned how to relax the muscles causing my discomfort. Now pain-free,  I joined her group class and enjoyed strengthening my core and loosening my hips and I always left the class feeling calmer and happier. I cannot recommend doing yoga with Diana enough!

P.S.  Doing yoga with her cat, Michael Sparklesbear, is amazing.




ダイアナ先生のダンスレッスンは、とにかく楽しくて、今までの人生で一番長く続けている。先生は、とても明るくて、フレンドリーで、体の事に詳しくて、凝っているところとかあると、体のどこを動かすと良いか教えてくれて、前半のストレッチで、体がほぐれて、スッキリする。後半は振り付けで、先生の振り付けは、ラテンムーブメントを中心にアフロとか色んなダンスを組み合わせて、かっこよくて、セクシーで、曲によって、フェミニンだったり、変化があって、大好きです❤︎ おばあちゃんになっても、ずっと続けていきたい❤︎   



Aunt Y

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